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Litobox® L7 downloads

The Litobox® L7 is a game changer: it combines all necessary components for six individual residences at the highest comfort level. This unit can simultaneously provide sanitary hot water for six separate bathrooms.

The Litobox® L7 combines the advantages of an individual installation with those of a collective installation. Individual: eliminating hot water loops minimizes energy losses and leads to an excellent Energy Label. Collective: by eliminating individual heatpumps and hot water tanks in the apartments, maintenance becomes more efficient and far less expensive. Every Litobox® L7 is connected to the LitoData platform where it is constantly monitored and compared with all other boxes in the field.

By integrating a multi-energy buffer tank of 1000 l and including a battery pack (optional), you can save up to 76 kWh of thermal and 16 kWh of electrical energy. Consequently, you become less dependent on the expensive energy coming from the grid and enjoy your own free solar energy 24/7. The Litobox® L7 is a TCO winner!

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