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We are a team of enthousiastic energy thinkers. We started back in 2017 as HVAC-specialists without knowing that we would become real TCO-experts. We love to develop solutions that are fast to install and last forever.

We are willing to put our friendship on the line for Litobox®: there’s no time to lose when it comes to promoting CO2-free solutions!


By 2050, all residential and public buildings in Europe will be zero energy. To achieve this goal, we need more than 14,000 zero energy houses a day! LITO is convinced that innovative concepts and products have to be developed to dramatically speed up our energy transition.


LITO aims to be a pioneer in developing and upscaling innovative solutions to make the EU 2050 target happen. We want to make sexy products people want to buy to make their homes safer, more comfortable and radically energy-efficient.

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Discover the Litobox® concept!

Building or renovating never goes without making hundreds of difficult choices. Especially picking the correct technical installation is often exhausting and frustrating.

A Litobox® contains every component you need for heating and cooling your house and for making domestic hot water. It combines a ventilation system that guarantees perfect air quality, a rainwater purification system, the indoor components for a photovoltaic installation and an electrical switchboard with internet equipment. Optionally, a battery pack can be added as well.

LITO believes in the strength of modular construction. Off-site assembling and testing the Litobox® speeds up your building process. The Litobox® can be installed, connected and commissioned in a few hours! On-site you won't come across unpleasant surprises, the price is known before the building process has even begun and you can be certain having the best possible energy certificate rating.

From a starter studio to a luxurious villa of 500 m²: there's a Litobox® for every house!

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