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Litobox® L7

A semi-collective TCO-winner for multi-family houses.

  • 700 m²
  • 16
  • 6

    The Litobox® L7 is designed for collective renovation or new construction projects. This technical unit can be used for up to six individual apartments with a total surface of up to 700 m².


    The Litobox® L7 can be installed inside or outside the building. This compact but smart unit will optimize the storage and use of (solar) energy and will take care of all utilities of the individual apartments day and night.


    This Litobox® provides heating, cooling, domestic hot water, solar energy and online energy measurement devices without any need of maintenance in the apartments!

L7_02 Omgeving
  1. Solar thermal system
  2. Rainwater purification system
  3. Multi-energy buffer tank 1000l
  4. Collective distribution system
  5. PV-inverter
  6. Heat pump control unit
  7. Electrical switchboard
  8. 16kW heat pump
  9. 10kWh battery pack

Litobox® L7

  • The Litobox® L7, measuring only 2200 x 1200 x 2280 mm, contains all HVAC, energy measurement and electrical equipment, except for ventilation.
  • Every Litobox® is assembled conforming to a detailed plan under optimal conditions. All used components are deliberately chosen and tested before delivery.
  • This Litobox® can be transported by a standard truck and is preferably placed in one single lifting movement with a crane.
  • By using stainless steel corrugated flexible hoses, this plug-and-play unit can be installed, connected, and commissioned in under a day.
  • To guarantee the highest efficiency, we developed the LitoData platform and the LitoApp to master your comfort and to monitor your energy consumption.
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