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Litobox® L1

The space wonder for large-scale projects of compact, single-family houses.

  • 150 m²
  • 4
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    The Litobox® L1 is specifically designed for large-scale renovation or new construction projects. This very compact technical unit takes less than 1 m² of space and can be used for houses with a surface of up to 150 m².


    The Litobox® L1 is intended for outdoor use to save living space. Maintenance won’t be an issue anymore, as there is no need for the technician to enter the house.


    This Litobox® is ideal for single-family houses with standard comfort requirements.

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  1. Insulation
  2. 6kW heat pump
  3. Ventilation-unit with heat recovery
  4. Energy measurement system
  5. Multi-energy buffer tank 200l
  6. PV-inverter
  7. Heat pump control unit
  8. Electrical switchboard

Litobox® L1

  • This Litobox® is the most compact technical unit of its kind, measuring only 1180 x 800 x 2380 mm.
  • Every Litobox® is assembled conforming to a detailed plan under optimal conditions. All used components are deliberately chosen and tested before delivery.
  • The Litobox® L1 fits on a single EURO pallet and can be delivered by a standard truck. It can be placed with a crane or forklift.
  • By using stainless steel corrugated flexible hoses, this plug-and-play unit can be installed, connected, and commissioned in under an hour.
  • To guarantee the highest efficiency, we developed the LitoData platform and the LitoApp to master your comfort and to monitor your energy consumption.
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