The smartest 3m² in the house!

Think inside the box

The Litobox® combines a heat pump, solar boiler, PV system, battery storage, rainwater filtration, ventilation, electrical equipment and internet network in one unit.

All in 3m² and installed on site in under an hour! Is your building Litobox®-ready?

The Litobox® in detail

Heat pump
Multi-energy buffer
Solar boiler
Solar panels
Battery storage
Electrical cabinet and Internet-set-up
Rainwater filtration
Shower heat recovery unit
Quick Heat circuit
  1. Heat pump
  2. Multi-energy buffer
  3. Solar boiler
  4. Solar panels
  5. Battery storage
  6. Electrical cabinet and Internet-set-up
  7. Ventilation
  8. Rainwater filtration
  9. Shower heat recovery unit
  10. Insulation
  11. Quick Heat circuit

Take a look inside our Litobox®

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The advantages

For homeowners
For architects
For contractors
For property developers/investors
For EPB assessors
For HVAC installers
For electrical installers
For the landlord
For the engineering company

Everyone needs a Litobox®!

The Litobox® soon turns every well insulated home into a zero energy home.Providing the highest level of comfort and convenience for the lowest energy cost.

  • Solar boiler
  • Heat pump
  • Solar panels

Single-family dwelling

Every square metre counts. That’s why the Litobox® is the ideal solution for adding carefree comfort and convenience to your home, as compactly as possible.

The Litobox® is a real EPB wonder: we make your home 2050-proof now! Together with your architect, work out a smart place to install your Litobox® in your home: this makes you save time and money.

Communal living

Communal living is the future. Not just multi-generational living (‘kangaroo’ living) but also cohousing projects are becoming more popular. These living arrangements also cut the cost of installing renewable technologies.

Up to 4 homes can be connected to each Litobox®². This reduces the cost of zero energy construction enormously!


Making each apartment zero energy individually is virtually unaffordable. And a single, collective system is penalised under EBP regulations and requires specific skills in terms of design, construction and maintenance.

Up to 8 apartments or studios can be served by one Litobox®³ . Choose the Litobox®³ for your project: simple, quick and cheaper!

The Litobox² en Litobox³ can be equipped with MID-approved meters for simple billing of energy used. Meter readings can be taken online at any time, site visits are no longer required.