LITO: for a changing energy market.

A million years ago, the discovery of fire led to a leap forward in human development. LITO is convinced that the elimination of fire will lead to the next great energy revolution. Just imagine the quality of life: a world without chimneys or exhausts. Plenty of clean air always and everywhere!


By 2050, all European residential buildings will be zero energy. This means that, in Belgium alone, 550 zero energy buildings will have to be built or renovated every day between now and then. LITO is convinced that innovative concepts and products have to be developed to dramatically speed up this energy transition. By upscaling these solutions, they will also become more accessible. Not just in terms of cost, but also in terms of installation-friendliness. LITO aims to be a pioneer in this area.

About us

Lieven Smeyers and Tom Teunkens have been friends for years as true energy thinkers. They share a positive attitude, a passion for technology and innovation. They prioritise quality, good working conditions and respect.

They are willing to put their friendship on the line for Litobox®: there’s no time to lose when it comes to promoting C02-free solutions!

Got a hundred years?

A hundred years ago the first customised cars were made: you bought an engine and a chassis and then a bodywork maker built a cab on top.A wheelmaker, a glazier and an upholsterer did the rest. These might have been splendid cars, but no one could afford them, they were unreliable, dirty and dangerous. Only rich daredevils drove them. Reliability and affordability didn’t improve until Henry Ford decided to introduce the assembly line. Now, cars are more accessible and safer than ever. And they’ll soon be driving themselves.

Thirty years ago a home computer was made up of a dozen devices you had to assemble yourself: a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse, speakers and a microphone, the disk drives, the printer, the webcam, the fax machine, the scanner,... All of these devices were connected to one another by umpteen different cables and connectors.They were noisy, expensive and slow too. A lot of resources went into them and within 18 months the whole system was hopelessly out of date. They were expensive to maintain and ended up at the tip anyway. But since Steve Jobs, it’s child’s play....

Today, the technical installations in your home are still built like the first cars a hundred years ago. Lots of different devices are used for this, just like for your first computer thirty years ago. For clean air, a comfortable temperature and hot water in your home without CO2 emissions, you need a heat pump, a solar boiler, PV panels, a battery system, an internet network, a rainwater system and a ventilation system. These come from ten different suppliers and are installed by several contractors. Result: communication often goes wrong and the devices no longer work together. They take up a lot of room, the level of convenience is too low and the energy costs too high. And they cost more than expected to maintain.

Your Litobox® is always constructed under the best possible conditions based on a detailed plan. In under 3m². All technologies used are carefully selected and communicate perfectly with one another. Both you as the user and the installer can control the operation of the system remotely and adjust it if necessary. After all, it is 2020! Not 1920 or 1990.